So the week before last my family and I went camping for three days with my Auntie Amy and Uncle Jeremy their kids and their four cousins. We got this huge tent that can sleep eight people although we only needed it for three and a dog. Dose that count as four? I mean […]

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Talluaha’s Taco Shop

Sorry I didn’t post for a week I was very busy and I’ll talk about what I did this week next week. Last week my family and I went to the East Side of Providence to go to Talluaha’s. Talluah’s is a taco shop on Ives Street that has really good burritos and a lot of […]

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RISD and Brattleboro

Last week I had two very different days. One was in the city, the next in the country. Day 1: The first day my mom decided to go to Wright’s Dairy Farm. Interesting fact Wright’s Dairy farm and Wright’s Chicken Farm are not owned by the same people. We drove up and got 1 cannoli, […]

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DeWolf Tavern

Sorry I didn’t write this week, I was pretty busy. Last week it was my parents’ wedding anniversary and birthday, so we went to a restaurant called DeWolf Tavern.

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Day 8: Leaving

I didn’t write about Day 7 because we didn’t really do anything that day. We got up kind of late 9. We got everything packed up and ready to go and dropped the key off at the main desk, we went to the big pool and it was A MAD HOUSE because it was the Fourth […]

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Day 6: My Birthday

I’m  sorry for not posting yesterday, it was a busy day. The night before my birthday we stayed up until midnight, I hung around with Judah. He told me all about Roblox. I’m still not really sure what it is, I know it’s a game but that’s it. My dad and Dylan fell asleep, but at midnight everyone […]

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Day 5: Hollywood Studios

  Man, we were tired from Magic Kingdom the day before so we got up later than normal, 9:30. My parents  said that Hollywood Studios wasn’t that good but I’d never been so I kept my hopes up. On the way in we spotted a famous star, Donald Duck! Uncle Jeremy, Judah and Dylan went to […]

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Day 4: Magic Kingdom

So clearly I wasn’t very fond of Epcot, but on the bright side we were going to Magic Kingdom the next day so I was excited for that. The next day came and we got up early. Well early for me…7. We were right at the gate when it opened. Throughout the week Judah was undergoing […]

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Day 3: Epcot

I’m sorry this is later than usual, but here we go. On the third day we went to Epcot or “Epicot” as Dylan called it. We  got up around 8ish again and had breakfast and coffee. When we got there we went on Soarin’ Around the World. Soarin’ wasn’t as interesting as I remembered it to be. […]

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Day 2: Animal Kingdom

  The first day was tiring! Up at three a.m. and asleep kind of late.   The next morning we got up kind of early. Not 3:00 a.m. early but like eight-ish. I made it my goal to do every single rollercoaster, and Aidan  said if I could do it he could do it.  First, […]

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