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Chi Chi Chilangos!

 This post is extremely late and I apologize for that. A long time reader, frequent commenter and good friend J. and I went out a few weeks ago.  J takes me out the movies a lot and we usually go to a place called Hope Street Pizza (Yum!) but we went to an interesting place called Chilangos this time. But before that we went to go see “The Secret Life of Pets.”  It starts off with a young puppy named Max. Max is very happy until another dog is adopted with him. He doesn’t get to have is owner to himself anymore. He is not happy about that. That day he and Duke (the other dog) get lost and the other animals in the apartment building try to find him. It’s kind of  like “Toy Story“.Ok, so lets get back to Chilangos. I got this odd choco rice milk drink. It was very sweet. Oh! I completely forgot, we met J’s friends there. They were very kind. I don’t remember their names so lets call them Linda and Susan. We talked a lot about houses and my blog.  I got a pork burrito to eat.  It was so delicious.  Susan ,J, and I ordered dessert. Susan and J had flan while I had churros. Susan told me to try the flan and I didn’t really like it. I ate 1/2 the churros. I gave the other one to my dad. I would recommend  this place.

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Last Day!- Day 7

This post is like a Choose You’re Own Adventure. Leave your choices in the comment section below.  Are you ready?  Let’s begin!

Up Up Up!!! It’s the last day in Canada!! Come on! Come on! Okay are you ready? Great! Let’s check out. I’ll go bring the luggage to the car. You can go check out.Five_Minutes_Later Sweet. I saw this cool breakfast place called Cosmos. (You walk down to Cosmos) Here we are. (The waitress gives you menus.)  What are you going to get? (Drink: Coffee,tea,water. Food: Huevous Mexicanos or Crepe Divine [Berries]) I’m getting the Crepe Divine. I think it’s a berry crepe. And the Jupiter juice to drink. A chocolate,banana,and granola shake.5ABA9390-56BA-47AB-A255-E78252BB5C52 (The waitress comes. You order.)  ( A few Moments later she brings your food.) Wow! This is delicious. You need to try this. (Do you try it?) This meal was very good. (Waitress brings the check) Thank You! (You walk to your car. Are you going to miss Canada?) To Infinity and Beyond! Or at least home. ;). (You stop in New Hampshire.) You eat at an odd diner where the food is truly terrible. You knew you should have gotten the pizza from the other restaurant next door. Hours later you are finally home! (Do you pass out on your couch or do you unpack?) Hint- pass out! This was a really fun trip. I hope you enjoyed reading all the long posts about Canada. Have a wonderful day! Oh by the way school has already started so after one more post  I’ll be posting less often. Sorry.





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Best kids menu ever!-Quebec-day 5

We left Bromont and started to go to Quebec. It was a really long drive. We got there and checked right into our hotel. It was so cool. It was a weird shape and it had a spinning restaurant on top called Ceciel. But I’ll get to that later. We were on floor 19 right by the elevators. The pool was on the fourth floor. We went there a lot. We walked around Old Quebec. There were a lot of very cool buildings. We went back to the hotel and ate a the spinning restaurant. The kids menu was surprisingly good.It didn’t only have the average chicken fingers it also has the soup of the day , (cream of asparagus)  and arctic char. I got the arctic char. It was so delicious. I would defiantly recommend  this restaurant. You could see all of the city! And it was really high too. We went to our hotel to change shoes and went and explored the city a little more. We saw a really cool street act. This lady was spinning round and round in a flaming hula hoop! But then it started to rain so we went back to the hotel. It was a good day.

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Riding a bike in the air? E.T. phone home!-Day 4-Danville &Bromont

Sorry I did not post for a few days. We got a dog.


You know no biggie. His name is Bentley.  Anyway- back to the blog….

I woke up forgetting where I was. I realized I was at the the B&B. Eddie and Lynda said breakfast would be out on the terrace. Pretty much as soon as we went out Lynda brought us the appetizers;  fruit salad topped with bee pollen and yogurt, cheese, and a tasty tart blueberry  juice.


It was really good. However if you  think that sounds good you’ll be amazed with what came next. Quail eggs Benedict with edible flowers  that they grew in their garden, sorrel, turmeric and tomato.


You know I wasn’t really expecting to eat quail eggs but hey I’m always open to trying new things.  I’m so glad I did because they were FABULOUS!!!  I had a hot chocolate to drink and it was bigger then my face! Eddie came over and the grownups talked about politics…sooo boring.  Sadly, it was time to say good bye to the Gite McCallum B&B. We headed off to Bromont but we stopped in a place called Eastman. They had an adventure park and my dad and I went to go do it.   My mom forgot her sneakers, so it stunk to be her.  We climbed up rock walls and rode skate boards and bikes in the sky.

IMG_1680 We spent 2 hours there! We left and went to Bromont. Our hotel was the Chateau Bromont. My mom was freaking out because she thought she hadn’t booked the hotel in Quebec. But she did. I didn’t know that at the time. We left my mom to figure what was going on because she didn’t want to any interaction with other humans until she got it fixed. My dad and I went to the outdoor pool. It was only like 6 ft deep. I jumped and I splashed and I had a great time. My mom came out and said we had a hotel. I was happy that we did.

This is the view from the hot tub in Bromont.

We  went up to the terrace and ate dinner. I had poutine and a Shirley Temple. It was very good. We went to bed. It was a little stressful but that’s okay.


Féach ya déanaí Aligator!
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Hey Where’s Perry?-Danville-Day 3

Okay you ready? The next day we packed up and left Montreal to go and discover a new and exciting place called Danville. So there is this tv show called Phineas and Ferb and they lived in a place called Danville. Phineas and Ferb  are always building things that kids shouldn’t build like rocket ships to the moon so they can have moon ice cream. Their sister Candace always wants to bust them. And Perry their pet platypus always goes missing. Perry is a secret agent who works for O.W.C.A (origination with out a cool acronym). Perry , known as Agent P ,went off every day to fight the not-so-evil scientist Dr.Doofensmirtz. Search youtube if you want to see an episode.   Anyway I was pretty disappointed there was no secret agent platypus. However some people did have triangle heads(also this post will have some P and F references so watch the episode if you want to understand better) . Instead of your average hotel, we stayed a bed and breakfast. The owners Eddie and Lynda were very kind.  We dropped off our luggage in our room and headed to explore this platypus lacking area. We went to Public Marche  for lunch. I had a vegetable quiche. It was delicious. We walled back to the hotel because there isn’t a lot to do in Danville. The B&B had a pool with a waterslide. IMG_1558So we spent the rest of the day there. Eddie brought us drinks by the pool. My mom and dad had sangria while I had the fanciest orange juice on the planet. The pool was awesome. We left the pool and got ready for dinner. We went to this French place where the appetizers looked like wet cat food from a can. I did NOT like the appetizers.My parents loved them though. But the main meal was VERY nice. I stupidly ordered pasta at a French restaurant! That goes against everything I believe in with food! My dad got moules frites and my mom ordered rack of lamb(which I ate all of, sorry Mom!). For dessert my dad got some moose thing. My mom said its spelled mousse, but I like my way better.  It was in triangle and had a chocolate swirl thing in it. It was really good. My mom and I split crem brulee. (Again I ate it all). We went back to the B&B. Thank You and Good Night!  Come back tomorrow and read all about the AMAZING breakfast at the B&B. To make it easier why don’t you follow me? When you are on a computer click “Follow” all you need to do is put in your email address or create your own WordPress site.  Farvel!

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Questionably Smoked Meat?-Day 2-Montreal

Day two in Montreal:

My family and I headed out of the Parc Suites Hotel and into Old Montreal. I had a chocolate almond croissant at this little coffee shop. We walked and walked and walked. We looked in a lot of cool stores. Around 12:30 p.m. we got hungry. So we looked for restaurants.   The one I really wanted to go to was called the Pink Flamingo. But we went to Montreal Poutine instead.   Before we went I had no idea what poutine was so I was a teensy tiny bit skeptical.


Cheese curds, gravy, and fries! Oh My!  Cheese curds,gravy and fries! Oh my!  My mom and I split a smoked meat sandwich. It’s not as salty as  pastrami. Don’t get me wrong I love pastrami. The receipt said ass smoked meat instead of asst smoke meat.


We walked more and more. We went to this really old church, Notre Dame.It was beautiful. My mom and I paid one dollar to light a candle.

FullSizeRender (4).jpg

 At the front there was a cool statue that was made mostly out of painted wood and some gold leaf.

FullSizeRender (5).jpg

 There were all the coat of arms around the side. I asked the tour guide what they were for and she did not know the answer.  After we left the church we went into this store and got me a really cool bag. It’s olive green with a skeleton on it. Not a scary skeleton though. It came with two pins as well. One is an eyeball  the other is a star. Time for dinner. Yay! We went to the Pink Flamingo. Double yay! We had the oysters to start. The cup of the shell wasn’t very deep but it was still very good.



I got the chicken. My mom got the mac and cheese. My dad got the black risotto. He said it was kind of a tourist trap rip off.  He didn’t really like it. But that’s okay you don’t have to like everything. My mom’s mac and cheese was very good. My meal was the bomb! It blew my mouth up! It was amazing. Best chicken evah! We walked to the hotel. We walked 10 whole miles that day!  I got dressed for bed and flopped on the bed. Good night! Come back to my blog tomorrow because I will posting about a mysterious place called Danville. Warning: Phineas and Ferb do not live there. 😦  

P.S. the name of yesterday’s restaurant was Le Steak House Du Village


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FANTABULOUS!!!! -Day 1-Montreal

IMG_1304IMG_1311So on Sunday my family and I hopped in the car and took a long six hour drive to Montreal. We brought tons of snacks like kettle corn,plantain chips,cookies,pretzels,and trail mix. I ate a whole lot of kettle corn. My mom promised me that we would go to the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream factory. So we stopped in Vermont. It was pouring so so so much and there was a huge line just for ice cream so we walked and followed the signs to the flavor graveyard to see all the past flavors of ice cream. One of them was named after an SNL episode.

After we waited in the huge line for ice cream. I got a small Tonight Dough (named after the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon) shake. It is by far my favorite flavor. I don’t know whats in it exactly but it has cookie dough and chocolate. Hence the name. We left the factory and started up again for Montreal.  When we got to Montreal we checked in to our room. It was really small and it only had one bed so we all had to share but it was elegant and sparkling clean.  We walked about seven miles that day.

We had steak for dinner in a very nice restaurant on a pedestrian only street. I had a flank steak and I don’t remember what my mom and dad had but it was delicious! It was juicy and FABULOUS!!

We looked in all the stores and saw these really cool pillows. They were a square animals squinting at you. That is really  the only to describe them. We headed back to the hotel around 11:00 p.m. I got ready for bed,watched a little t.v. then fell asleep. But that was only the first day! I’ll post more about Montreal tomorrow


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Boatiful weekend!

I recently went on a boat with my parents, my Auntie K, and her friend D. First we went to Auntie K’s house. We drove to D’s apartment and he drove us to the dock trailing his boat on the back of his car. D and Auntie K set up the boat so we could go out. Finally! Time to get on the boat. We hopped on, D started up the boat while Auntie K and I went on the front of the boat. We sat with the wind in our hair and big smiles on our faces. We drove around but then I went inside because D said we were going on the ocean.  The boat bounced up and down. We arrived at the beach and ate grilled chicken, corn salad, and PULLED PORK!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 The pulled pork was the best. Auntie K made it. After we ate we took a short walk to his huge rock. I mean it was like a mini mountain! (Compared  to 4.6 ft  tall little girl) We climbed all the way to the top. We hung out on the top for a couple of minuets to look at the scenery.  It was beautiful. We walked back to the boat and D asked me if I wanted to go tubing. I said yes.(of course) So we drove to the other side of the bridge and he set up the tube while Auntie K got me the life jacket. D said it was all ready, so I got on the tube.  I went around the water getting splashed every now and then. I bounced up and down and my mom told me that I didn’t stop smiling the whole time. Tubing was definitely my favorite part. We headed back to dock. D drove us to his apartment. We got in our car and drove home. This was a Boatful weekend.


P.S. My parents went to Los Andes without me!!!! I am so angry at them! So there will be no post from Los Andes!

P.p.s . If you like my writing come the play I wrote in the Artist’s Exchange One Act Play Festival. From July 22-30 at 7:00 p.m!


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My Birthday!

It was my birthday last week! My dad waited in this HUGE line just to get alright doughnuts at PVD donuts. Just alright. I can’t believe that people stand in line for that . But the thought was so nice. After we went to Foxboro to see The BFG. It was so funny and my mom cried (again). If you saw the “Polenta” post then you should know that we went to Al Forno. If you look at the comments you see the Britt Eddy told me to get a pizza to start and that’s what we did. We got the Margarita pizza. It was was really good. The scallions were cut up really fancy. Then for my dinner I had the gnocci. They were small. Fun sized. Like me. For dessert we got the Native Rhubarb tart. It was rhubarb


in a pie crust with melted ice cream.



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Riccotta cheese and focaccia

Today my mom made Riccotta cheese and focaccia. Well the ricotta is not technically ricotta because it wasn’t made in Italy, but ricotta is spreadable curd and that’s what this is so I’m just going to call it ricotta. My mom got the recipe from Smitten Kitchen. Here is the link so you can try it to. .  The focaccia was so good! I had an end piece and was crunchy and chewy at the same time. How is that even possible!?! Now my mom is making roasted red pepper and white bean spread. I’m not exactly sure what it is but I’ll know soon enough…

One eternity later (not quite. Maybe a few minutes later)

The food is finally ready. To Eat or to not to eat?  TO EAT DUH! This is so good! It’s creamy and delicious!


Au revoir!